Thursday, June 28, 2012

Episode 45: That Newbie Stank

Beat the heat! Stay indoors and swing!

2-1/2 months since our last podcast... staying busy and lots of fun.

Our dating attempts have been mixed at best.  Parents!  Give your kids a break and get out of the house.

How experienced are we?  Mr Swap Fu says we're still new.  Are we old and creepy?  You be the judge!

1, 2, 3, 4 party fouls!

The episode song is "Make Light" by Passion Pit on the album Manners.  The whole album is excellent and would make for great poolside listening this summer.  Give it a spin and sip on a cocktail.

Click here to download this podcast.


  1. Is this just a blog update (no soundtrack)? Looks like these are show notes for a podcast.

  2. I updated the blog post with a link to the podcast. :)

  3. Great podcast! You both have such an easy and fun style it's like a cross between listening to a syndicated radio show and talking with friends about the lifestyle.

    The Desire episode was particularly fun, as we had just made our first trip (to the Cancun one, anyways) a few weeks after you for SDC Sexperience!

    on SDC

  4. listened to Boris and Doris today. they said that they haven't listened to your podcast for a long time and didn't know if you were still podcasting...
    your are still podcasting, right?

  5. Love listening to you guys! You make me laugh. However, your logic about the house parties is confusing to me. What if the couple you aren't telling about the house party also aren't telling you about the party because they think you don't know about it? LOL Maybe they're fishing because they are trying to find out if you are also invited to the party. Then what happens when you both show up at the super secret house party? ;) Funny!