Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Episode 53: Single Swinging

What's the Fu been up to?
OktoberFUst of course! What a great party!
- We welcomed our friends from Georgia -- Looking forward to your next visit.
- Dodging vanillas
- Setting up with a little help from our friends

Meeting swingers at a bar for Beer Bingo
- A fun, low-pressure way to meet swingers

FuGrrl on Twitter on hiatus for the sake of safety

Singles in the swinging lifestyle
- Are singles swingers? What are they risking?
- Mr Swap Fu bends his brain doing some swinger math
- Ms Swap Fu changes her mind

Beware the online trolls!

Happy Halloween!

Shout Outs
- Los Swingers!
- C and S Youarebootiful!
- Doug and Holly - Host Couple on SDC
- SA Pervs
- Ms K hostess with the mostest for San Antonio Girls Uncorked
- All our awesome dates!

We quote an article from

The voice of the single man in the LifestyleLifestyle Outloud

First-Time fun at our OktoberFUst courtesy of Youarebootiful

Episode Song "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails" by Stepdad on the album Wildlife Pop. Please please please get this album! So much fun!


  1. Seriously? Most people in the lifestyle would prefer an FMF to a MFM? Maybe most dudes would, but I would venture that since many lifestyle women are bi- (or bi-friendly) they already get their "quota" of el poontango...the chance of being the filling in a sausage sandwich would truly be unique and a higher priority fantasy.

  2. LMAOL. Weather MFM or FMF, this is a threesome there is one missing for shearing, caring and COUPLE SWINGING. Clearly this post is from a dude.