Thursday, May 5, 2011

Episode 29: House Party Pro Tips... Be Safe. Be Polite. Be Fun.

News and Shout Outs:
Welcome to the swinger podcast world Sparky’s Open Source!  Bringing you swinging from a Canadian perspective

Planned Parenthood

Peoria Swinger Club Crackdown

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Non-negative news coverage of Swinging in San Antonio, from a Fox station no less

Ask Dan and Jennifer tips for house party success:  Be safe, be polite and be fun

How to building sexual tension prior to a swinger house party.  Ms Swap Fu shares how she stokes the fire all day long

Fashionably late?  How late is too late to arrive to a house party?

At the party...
Reporting back on Mr Swap Fu’s communication progress
Same room issues... people have different foreplay needs.  Same room can exacerbate this.
Ms Swap Fu relaxes in her favorite way
Expanding your repertoire -- get a training partner!
Ladies, keep your heels on during sex!

Episode music in honor of Cinco de Mayo "Que No Pare" by La Super Maquina


  1. Be Polite. How is that someone can be polite arriving 3 hours late? If I was the host I wouldn’t even open the door.
    Let me guessssssss, someone mentioned in Ep. 2 or 3? Hello people this is the US, I mean you are not in England or Italy, but there are rules of conduct that you have to follow.

  2. Thanks for the comment. LOL... no. Nobody we knew back then was at the party.