Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hop in the Swap Fu Time Machine

What the Swap Fu time machine may look like
Like an awkward trip back to your old elementary school, the first 10 episodes of the Swap Fu Podcast are once again available on iTunes.  Ms Swap Fu and I unshackled Pissy Pits, our techno-gimp just long enough to fix our podcast feed.  Now, back in the hole, Pissy Pits!

Join us in taking a trip down memory lane, to a hazier, newbie-er time, when two American Swingery Swingers decided to get drunk and plug in two headset into a crappy laptop and tried to crack each other up for an hour.  So, please enjoy your trip in our time machine responsibly.  Try to not 1.) a cause a rift in time, 2.) fuck your younger self or 3.) save disco -- it's dead, and we're glad.

Of course, the old episodes have always been available on this blog, but hell, nobody reads these things anyway -- or anything else.  See you're not even reading this now, are you? ;)

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