Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episode 40: We're Not Experts, But We Know Some

What's the Fu been up to?
  1. Co-hosting a party.  Shared responsibilities. Opportunity to meet new people.
  2. Swinger friends rule because they get excited and bring drinks, snacks and toys!  They also care better care of your stuff and have fun!
  3. Staying sober until 11:30 helped Mr Fu.
  4. As hosts, be ready to meet people.  "Welcome to our home!"
    Shout Outs:
    1. Thank you for "flood" of responses to the gusher topic
      1. Three doctors weighing in
      2. We've got a lot of practice ahead of us
    2. Younger swingers
      1. They play, and
      2. We've witnessed it! Thank you A and A
    1. Continue smaller get togethers
    2. Gushing practice!
    3. The New Years Eve dilemma
    Our music for this episode is, once again, Metric.  This time the song is "Help, I'm Alive" off the album Fantasies.


    1. Okay...spill it: what/who was the "spanker" Ms. Swapfu fetched from her room during your party intended for? :-)

    2. Hello again,
      Lots of notes and things to talk about, hope Ms. Fu had the chance to experience her first gushing, OOhh my gush, that is so cool, the only problem is that there is no turning back.

      This is a great way to be in contact with you and many more people into the Lifestyle, and was very good that Mr. Fu gave details on how to access and view the comments in this blogs, not many people know how to do it. Thank you Doctors into the lifestyle for giving us a good explanation about the female ejaculation, I this makes the blog as professional as the podcast.

      About this last episode, guys, as always, very nice, professional, entertaining and puts a smile on my face. Wish to be close by and have the chance to attend a little get together at least, that kind of party sounds amazing.

      Next topic as a proposal and since we were talking about female pleasure, I propose DPs, is this every woman’s ultimate sexual dream?, is this something not to consider because of the pain, dirtiness, taboo or two gentlemen very close together? Have you seen it into a party, get together? Have you ever considered?
      O well I don’t want to put some kind of route or direction into your podcast, but wondered if you have had some kind of experience in the topic. Otherwise could be a good blog discussion from some readers/writers too.

    3. Hey,

      I have listened to all your podcasts. I'm usually about an episode behind so I'm commenting on 39 & 40 about squirting. I usually listen to you while I'm doing my morning bike ride and you've become one of my favorite lifestyle podcasts.

      I wanted to see if anyone had referred you to this video of Dr. Laura Berman on Oprah and her comments about squirting. The link is

      It was one of the more informative videos my wife and I watched. And on a personal note, my wife was very interested in squirting because for a couple of years she felt like she was getting close but never reached that point. Then a few months back she and I had a MMF threesome in a hotel room that involved marathon sex and she got a lot of stimulation over a long period of time. She went from never having squirted to squirting about 18 times that day. When we checked out of that hotel, the bed was drenched.

      I don't know about other women, but with her it was a bridge that was difficult to un-cross once she'd crossed it. Now, if she tries to keep from squirting it interferes with her having an orgasm. She pretty much squirts every time we have sex now unless it's just a quickie. Not a big deal but we go through a LOT of sheets and had to invest in a good mattress cover, too.

      Keep up the good work. I follow you guys on twitter, too.