Thursday, December 29, 2011

Episode 41: Casualties of the Lifestyle

The Spanker Revealed
OpeningSwingers getting a bad wrap from shows like “Disappeared”
Swingers at a family event.  What happened? Pro tip: Just invite smart friends ;)

Get Togethers -- Woop Woop!
There ain’t no such thing as a small get together
Must develop a party checklist -- the checklist manifesto by Atul Gawande
We played the LMFAO Pandora station at our get together... Best. Idea. Ever.
Good success show less-threatening porn for parties: Sapphic Erotica and Andrew BlakeGuest list management: Don't invite a couple to a party just because you like one of them. Odds are their other half won't be liked by anyone else either.
Discussing the ongoing single guy dilemma.
Burning Up at Re-entry AKA the Sunday to Monday crash
-- The dream-wake state of that first Monday morning meeting. Your head is still partying naked with a bunch of swingers and but your body is sitting on a conference call with Milwaukee.
-- You have to keep quiet about what you did while your coworkers regale you with stories about bowling and their cats.

Please share your experiences with us... how do you handle the return to normalcy?
Shout outs
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Mr and Mrs W Daily
Dirtybit Podcast
Caramel Craze

Episode music: We are loving the UK band The Vaccines and the butt-rocking tune "Wetsuit" Please buy their music, we did ;)


  1. Love the Swap Fu perspective on the lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mike and I listened to the latest podcast together as we often do and laughed. We love it when we go back to work on Monday or go to a family dinner on Sunday after a fun swinger weekend and feel that disconnect between swinger world and the "normal" world. That rush of "can you believe just last night we were..." in the midst of regular life is great!
    We love your podcast! Thanks for sharing!

  3. First things first, so thank you for your shout out about my prior comment on DPs, I can hear is a total no no for Ms. Fu with Mr. Fu, hmmm is that big he?; but nonetheless I can see a kind of interest in the topic. Personally I think I started to consider the lifestyle when she told me her dream about it, and, as a woman, wouldn’t you consider using that part of your body at least ones in your life for a bit of pleasure? Anyway probably this is not of interest of the swinger’s community, or women in general consider this topic out of reach?

    About creepy guys. . . . They exist for a reason, they like watching and they have lots of fun just by checking out how their woman gets the pleasure they cannot provide. The first year we had a steady play couple it was because she had a great time with us and he liked to see her having fun. I guess it was a kind of a FMF three some witnessed by her guy. Also, consider them as a great help organizing and helping with the event, they like taking care of things and most times are very handy.

  4. Hey Mr. Fu see, that is why many people don’t leave any comment on your Blog everyone thinks they need to have a Blogger account. On your next episode I would recommend that you tell the audience that you can leave your comment as an anonymous and not need to get involved in signing in with a google account.

  5. Thank you Mr. Knswcpl. You know we always appreciate your feedback. :) Glad we bring a little levity to it. Ms. Fu

  6. Debbie & Mike,
    Disconnect is almost an understatment! I think that job is really cutting into our playtime. Bitterness ensues. lol The day dreaming isn't nearly as bad as Friday at work with the phone blowing up regarding the coming weekend. So much fun, so little time. ;) Thank you for the comment.

  7. Maybe you should promote a community effort for the party checklist...maybe a "wiki" of sorts people can add to/edit as they see fit. Not sure where/who hosts such things, but there's got to be something out in the Intertubes...

    Also, wrt 'guest list management': I get the no-douche's policy. But do you limit the invitees only to those couples in which both of you would fuck each of them?

    Or are you okay with only one "fuckable" invitee so long as the other partner is cool (but not necessarily fuckable by one of the Fu's)?

    Do you feel an obligation to invite/match-make invitees so that everyone invited at least has the chance of getting fucked? Would you invite a couple with the smoking hot babe & the chubby, poorly endowed (nice guy) husband if you doubted that anyone was interested in the male partner?

    No judgements, just interested. Thanks.